The first art of this series was started in 2020 during what I thought was the middle of the pandemic. The idea of this initially started out as if we raised our pets like our children, and when they were old enough and ready they would leave the nest. After the pets/children have left the nest they would enter the real world and have the same experiences as humans. Having jobs, a family, bills and homes just like us.

Going into the latest part of the pandemic I started noticing that I would see more animals out and about just living as they should. Watching news feeds of the beaches being empty, streets not overran by vehicles and pollution, and it got me thinking. This would be the perfect time for mythical creatures to rise and show themselves. I imagined being on a boat fishing and all of sudden I see a megalodon coming towards me and there’s nothing I can do. I visioned taking a walk in the woods and coming across a family of Sasquatches, and having to defend myself in their domain. It really got me thinking of what else could be out there that has remained hidden in fear of us humans destroying their home as they know it.

This collection is my thoughts on what i could see. What I think we could walk with in an alternate universe, or if we just simply stay the coarse and let the wild be the wild, and us humans learn to pick up after ourselves and learn to play nice. Until then we will never know what is out there.

These are the Creatures Of The Unknown.

This series was painted in different mediums: acrylics, watercolors, oils, spray paint, and inks.