Childhood Bubble Gum is an exhibition based on reliving a childhood and just having fun. Ignoring all the seriousness as an adult, and giving up the stress that comes day to day. This exhibition is thought to bring back memories of going to a park, playing with friends, and reliving the times you have growing up. 

If I could describe my childhood in a few words, I would call it Childhood Bubble Gum. This series of work represents the times I had in my childhood. From pretending to fight monsters, skateboarding, riding my bike, all the way to pretending I was Batman fighting a gang of bad guys destroying the city. This series has opened up the memory vault from my childhood. It got me thinking of the friends I had growing up and how things have changed since I hit adulthood. The primary focus is on the fun memories, but still reliving some of the the harder times I experienced. All while keeping it in a fun way. I have found the joy of painting for fun with keeping a smile on my face while I’m scribbling these memories down.

The opening for this exhibition is 12/03/2021 at .5 Gallery.

The Facebook event is here