The Offical Durty Art Site

This site is a representation and collection to the paintings that I have done.

Recently, I have started a newsletter and opened an online store. If you want to signup for the newsletter you can do so here, The newsletter is used to let followers know of special deals first, and provide coupon codes for the store, and just provide any info that I would like you all to know.

About my store. You can find numerous paintings up for sale at my store. Currently, I have many one of one items listed at some great prices. Hop over to to see what I have.

Some of my most recent items that I have released are:

The Durty Art and Friends Coloring Book. This is 20 pages of some designs that I have painted, and some that I haven’t. This is my way for people of all ages to have fun with the art that I do.


Another item that I have excited about is this limited edition t-shirt. This is the Durty Bat shirt. I’ve been a huge Batman fan since I was a kid, this is my take on the vintage logo. I went with the color black and yellow (gold) to page tribute to the city I love, and where I live, Pittsburgh. There is only 30 of these being pressed, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. For everyone that you purchase,  a CD sampler from my dudes over at Surface Level Records. Keeping this all local. You can grab the Durty Bat shirt over at my store, or at this direct link Durty Bat Shirt